We bring synergy to your business

We deliver management synergy

We build the foundation of a company’s Quality Management System (QMS) using the ISO 9000:2000 standard. We use continuous improvement programs, such as Six Sigma to further the results and savings the program produces.

Our Root Causes Analysis (RCA) will allow you to drill down to determine the actual causes of the problem.

Quality Improvement Process (QIP) service will give you an insight to your business. We can help you set up SMART goals and objectives.

Using the Balance Scorecard (BSC) methods, we will help you set up indices of the balance scorecard for each level of your company (Corporate/ region/ district/ department/ operation). These indices will assist you in tracking your company's progress.

We provide business automation services to our clients

For Process Automations, we propose integration plans for applications and processes. Our Process Mapping services will analyze your company's processes and set up business process re-engineering plans.

We successfully deploy and manage projects

To ensure successful implementation of project deployment, we utilize project management tools and produce Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis Charts and Action Plans